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Get Five Gold Star reviews for your business

Why Online Reviews Are Important For Your Business

Why are online reviews important to my business?

Reputation can make or break a business: Research has shown that small businesses are more greatly affected by reviews than large chains. 

Your business represents a huge investment in time, money, education, expertise, equipment, and staff training. If you don't market that effectively, prospective customers won't realise you are a reliable and trustworthy business. 

Getting good online reviews and gold star ratings helps your business attract customers online – prospective customers care about how previous customers rate your business

Good Google reviews will help your business get more customers, but bad reviews will cost you business: 79% of people rated online reviews as being as important as word of mouth recommendations when finding a business.

Put simply; succesful businesses have good reviews. online reviews can affect how consumers perceive your businessUnclaimed TrueLocal listing

How can good reviews help my business?

Customers are attracted to good businesses; those that are reliable, trustable, and good value for money. Nearly every adult in Australia has internet access. If you can show your good reputation on Google search results, you're making sure lots of Australians see how good your business is! 

Your Google + reviews will, once you’ve got five reviews, show up as a star rating when you appear in Google search results of between one gold star (very poor) and five gold stars (very good). Google’s latest algorithm change, Google Pigeon, also uses quality and quantity of reviews to calculate your ranking – good reviews improve your google ranking on search results, but bad reviews lower your Google ranking.

My business doesn't want/need reviews!

The introduction of reviewing platforms like True Local, Yellow Pages, Google +, and Tripadvisor mean that your customer reviews and your Google + rating (from 1 gold star to 5 gold stars) are highly visible. Huge companies like Google, Yelp and Facebook are investing heavily in reviews; if your business is listed on any kind of directory or phone book, you can (and will) get customer reviews. If you don't claim ownership of your listings and put up your details, how will people know that your business is open? Directory listing - are they still trading?

Your customer rating will automatically appear on search results and on business listings (like Yellow Pages). Some listings are automatically generated (True local, Yellow Pages, and Google Plus all do this), and these listings exist automatically- it’s very hard to have your online listings removed  - see our page on how to remove bad reviews on google plus and other platforms. Your True Local reviews, Yellow Pages reviews, Tripadvisor reviews and other listing platform reviews will show up on Google search results too – this means that your business can show up (with your online reputation) four or five times in Google search results.